Fafali is comprised of a dynamic group of individuals of different backgrounds, age groups, race and educational backgrounds with a common goal to uplift, inspire, and provide resources to underserved children across Africa, starting in Ghana.

We are an all-embracing organization; our core values are based on care, peace, benevolence and love. Providing excellence mentorship to children is the cornerstone for human progress. Fafali was formed to overcome the obstacles that discrimination, poverty, gender inequality, ignorance and illiteracy have placed on the developmental phases of a child’s growth in Africa.

Together we can advance the course of humanity by promoting and creating a constructive environment and well-resourced platforms for children of underserved societies.

There is no greater sense of fulfillment than being fully aware that your involvement and contribution to a worthy cause has yielded the desired result of drastically improving the lives of underserved children and communities.

This is the main concern that has brought together a team of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who are willing to sacrifice their time, talent, energy, resources and more for eternal value.

Join us on our journey!