Godfred, who had long carried the burden of supporting

his mother and three younger siblings, has been granted

a second opportunity for education and soccer through Fafali


We serve children from the underserved communities of the Anumle Electoral Area (urban) in the Greater Accra Region and the Kpoviadzi Electoral Area (rural) in the Volta Region of Ghana. Most of the children we serve are amongst the most vulnerable people in the world. For many, their futures are limited by child neglect, child labor, violence, early marriage, illiteracy and inequality. They fight to attend and stay in school, to be treated with dignity and respect and to be safe. Read More About Our Communities. 


Our foremost commitment lies with the underserved children (ages 5 to 18 years) we work with. To effectively address their needs, we strategically involve them in various activities through our after-school project, school and community partnership projects, following a roadmap aimed at alleviating poverty in the communities we serve. Our approach is not just about immediate relief; it’s about creating sustainable change by empowering children through education, community engagement, and collaborative initiatives. Learn more about our initiatives and how we are making a lasting impact.

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Children have the very best chance at success when more options are available.

Gender Equality


We've made a direct impact on 3,382 individuals in our 2022 fiscal year


Children in our programs are 90% more likely to stay in school than drop out


70% increase in community engagement through our various projects

We take great pride in the fact that we’ve made a direct impact on 3,382 individuals in our 2022 fiscal year. Among them, 95% were underserved children, and the remaining five percent were influential adults with the potential to positively influence hundreds of other children.


I would like to say a big thank you to Fafali Organization for your partnership with the Victoria Solid Foundation School. Your Contribution to our school has made a great impact on our children to realise their full potential. The management is always happy to work with the Fafali Organization. We hope to achieve more goals together.

Stanley Teye

Headmaster of Victoria Solid Foundation School

Ever since my children joined Fafali, I’ve witnessed remarkable progress. The difference between them and others not in Fafali’s programs is evident. This mission-driven organization leaves nothing to chance. As a parent, I’m always grateful for Fafali’s support, and I pray for its continued success. We love Fafali Organization.

Gifty Adenyo

A parent

Fafali Organization is my guiding light. Through their Golf & Goal project, they introduced me to golf and opened doors I never thought possible. Enrolling me in school was just the beginning. Now, I proudly represent Ghana internationally, all thanks to Fafali’s incredible support. They’ve given me an education and a passport to dreams. Fafali has shaped both my character and journey, making me who I am today.

Rejoice Jagor

A child in our program

Witnessing firsthand the genuine joy and significant change that FAFALI’s dedicated and ambitious team has brought to countless children has been incredibly rewarding. From the moment I joined, I felt an immediate connection with FAFALI’s mission. I was fully engaged, not just in understanding the glaring issues within the educational system but also in experiencing the fulfillment that comes from seeing young children receive the support they desperately need and rightfully deserve.

Raul Ymeraj


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