Fafali is a non-profit organization that operates in the areas of Kissehman, Christian Village, Anumnle and Pillar 2, in the city of Accra, capital of Ghana. We work with about 300 students, 10 teachers and coaches and a small one-floor facility to educate, play sports and build character. We do this with in-person classes, online classes, sports clubs and competitions, field-trips and gender-equality retreats. Fafali partners with Norfafa, a local business center, which provides internet access, computers, technical training and classroom space.

Our students range from 5 to 18 years of age. Many of our students experience malnutrition and a side project of the school is to provide one meal each for these students. Reading, writing and communication are principal goals but ultimately we are teaching STEM subjects as the students advance and computer literacy so they can go on and study in the available institutions in Ghana. Many students come with the purpose to play football or golf and accept the requirements of needing to pass their studies. Character-building is a natural and trained result of our curriculum, including a rigorous understanding of gender-equality. Girls are additionally served with weekend retreats to understand options and opportunities for women in Ghana.

Our teachers and coaches are made up primarily of local Ghanese who have learned skills pertinent to our curriculum, whether through formal education or life experience. Volunteers are sought for from Africa, Europe, Britain and the US and generally 3-4 volunteers are helping us at any one time. Volunteers also participate long distance through online classes – currently we have WordPress and Digital Design classes taught from Europe.

You are reading this page because of some reference or desire to help. We accept help in many ways and forms, be it training, experience, contacts, partnerships or simply, financial donations. All of us feel Africa will be the most important emerging population of the 21st century and its unity and ability to retain cultures will be a testing ground of the very best values our world has to offer.

Please browse our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you for reading!