The ongoing support from the Weeden Foundation to the Fafali Organization is nothing short of transformative. Spearheaded by John Weeden and Gloria Villaraviz, the annual funding from the Foundation has become a cornerstone of our operations, evoking an indescribable sense of gratitude and appreciation upon each notification of donation.

A very big thank you to the Weeden Foundation for their support

Since its inception, the Weeden Foundation has been a steadfast ally to the Fafali Organization, spanning from its pre-Fafali origins to the establishment of the organization in 2021. Notably, the Foundation stands as the primary benefactor of Fafali, offering their support in various facets of our initiatives.

Aligned in two pivotal program areas, the synergy between the Weeden Foundation and Fafali Organization is palpable:

Weeden Foundation’s Environment program focuses on nurturing future environmental stewards, advocating for policies that safeguard biodiversity and habitat preservation. Complementarily, Fafali’s environmental endeavors strive to instill environmental consciousness in community youth, fostering proactive engagement and tailored solutions to local ecological challenges.

In parallel, the Foundation’s International Population program endeavors towards global population stabilization and decline, emphasizing the intersectionality of population dynamics with environmental sustainability. Fafali, through its Gender Equality Program, addresses this nexus by empowering girls to assert control over their reproductive health, thereby curbing high birth rates and fostering educational opportunities.

Through the generous funding provided by the Weeden Foundation, Fafali has sustained its environmental education efforts, impacting over 300 children annually. Our environmental club convenes regularly, delving into topics such as waste management, climate change, and community gardening, while monthly educational programs extend the reach to even more children within our community.

In 2023, the Weeden Foundation’s support enabled Fafali’s pivotal “Girls On Mission” project, aimed at curbing teenage pregnancies and enhancing educational prospects for girls. The multifaceted initiative encompassed Sexual and Reproductive Health Education, High School Education, and STEM Education, yielding remarkable outcomes, including a reduction in teenage pregnancies from 16 to zero within a year.

The Weeden Foundation’s funding has far-reaching effects, extending to all 27 girls in our program who graduated from junior high school in 2023. They were provided support to continue their education in senior high school, marking a milestone previously unattained by our organization. Many of these girls are trailblazers in their families, being the first to pursue senior high education.

First day in high school for some of the girls from our projects

Furthermore, beyond financial backing, the Weeden family has demonstrated unparalleled commitment by actively engaging with Fafali, whether virtually or through hands-on involvement in Ghana. Their dedication underscores a shared commitment to effecting positive change.

As we mark our 3rd anniversary, we extend profound gratitude to the Weeden Foundation for their invaluable support, which directly impacts approximately 600 individuals annually and ripples through to benefit around 5000 community members indirectly. Together, we march steadfastly towards our aligned goals, buoyed by the support of the Weeden Foundation.

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