In a testament to dedication, passion, and commitment, the Fafali Organization proudly announced Atsriku Selase as the shining beacon in their second Employee of the Year awards scheme for the 2023 calendar year during a mini ceremony at the office on Tuesday, January 9th, 2024. Selase’s journey from a humble volunteer to the esteemed Chief Operating Officer marks not only personal success but a profound testament to the transformative power of dedication within an organization.

A Trail of Achievements

Selase’s elevation from Volunteer Coordinator to Chief Operating Officer in itself speaks volumes about his dedication and outstanding contributions. His ability to forge impactful partnerships stands as a testament to his vision and drive. Notably, he orchestrated a fruitful collaboration with France Volontaire Ghana, securing French volunteers and enabling a participant to embark on an eight-month sports volunteering program in France.

Moreover, his collaboration efforts extended globally, fostering a partnership with Fabrica Dos Sonhos in Brazil, paving the way for a potential exchange project sponsored by the Norwegian Government. These international connections highlight Selase’s commitment to broadening the organization’s global reach.

His technological acumen is equally noteworthy, evident in the implementation of an efficient volunteer management system that streamlined operations, enhancing the organization’s overall efficacy.

Selase receiving his prize for being the employee of the year – awarded by the CEO of the Fafali Organization

Leadership Par Excellence

In his capacity as Chief Operating Officer, Selase’s leadership has been characterized by fairness, firmness, and commitment to the welfare of the organization’s stakeholders. Feedback from partners, local and international volunteers alike, echoes a resounding acknowledgment of Selase’s remarkable work output.

Gratitude and Peaceful Cheers

Reflecting on this honor, Atsriku Selase expressed his profound gratitude, stating, “It is an immense honor to receive this recognition. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all who have supported me on this journey, and I humbly share this award with every member of the Fafali Organization whose dedication and hard work continue to drive our mission forward.”

He also offered peaceful cheers to the previous winner, acknowledging their contributions and the legacy they’ve left within the organization.

A Visionary’s Perspective

CEO Senyo Sosu, lauding Selase’s achievements, remarked, “Atsriku Selase embodies the very essence of our organization’s values. His journey is an inspiration, a testament to dedication and the belief in our collective mission. We are immensely proud of his accomplishments and look forward to witnessing the continued impact he will undoubtedly make.”

Atsriku Selase’s trajectory from volunteer to Employee of the Year stands as a beacon of inspiration, underscoring the organization’s culture of recognizing talent and fostering growth from within. His story serves not only as an acknowledgment of personal triumph but as an inspiration to all aspiring individuals striving to make a difference within their spheres of influence.

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