Bless Fortune- Communication & Information Officer  

Bless is an actress, writer, model, television host and an entrepreneur. Bless has starred in many movies in Ghana and she is a firm believer in the power of arts and its ability to change the world. Through her arts, she influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time.

Bless holds a Diploma in Communication in Broadcast Journalism from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Accra Ghana. She is currently studying Communications and Psychology from The African University College of Communications (AUCC), Accra Ghana and she aspire to be a human right lawyer.

Before becoming a Board Member of the Fafali Organization, she served as a volunteer brand ambassador for the organization where she projected the good work of the organization to Ghanaians and the world. Bless is an avid fundraiser, a quality she brings on board; she has initiated and partook in numerous fundraisers to support the Fafali Organization.

Her passion to serve stems from the adversities she has to face in life; poverty and homelessness. One favorite quote of Bless is that, LOVE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO HUMAN PROBLEM.

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