The Fafali Organization recently celebrated the birthday of our visionary Founder and President, Raymond Amezado, in a remarkable manner by hosting two exhilarating sports tournaments: the “Anagli Cup Football Competition” and the “Anagli Invitational Golf Tournament.” These events not only showcased the organization’s commitment to promoting sports and healthy competition but also brought together the community in a spirit of camaraderie and celebration.

Anagli Cup Football Competition: A Display of Talent and Teamwork

On Sunday, August 27, 2023, at the Kissehman Sports Complex, the cheers of the crowd reverberated as the Ball & Brain Boys’ and Ball & Brain Girls’ teams battled it out in the thrilling “Anagli Cup Football Competition.” The event featured a series of exciting matches, with young talents from both sides exhibiting their skills and determination.

In the highlight of the tournament, the under-8 Ball & Brain Boys’ team faced off against the under-12 Ball & Brain Girls’ team. The young athletes showcased their passion for the game, with the Ball & Brain Girls’ team emerging victorious and securing the coveted trophy and medals. Similarly, in the under-10 category, the Ball & Brain Boys’ team claimed victory against the under-15 Ball & Brain Girls’ team, reinforcing their prowess on the field.

Raymond Amezado, the driving force behind Fafali Organization, expressed his delight, saying, “These young athletes embody the spirit of dedication and teamwork that our organization stands for. It’s heartwarming to witness their enthusiasm and commitment to sports. And I feel so overwhelmed by the show of love and appreciation on this day as I celebrate my birthday.”

One of the participants, Kekeli, a member of the victorious Ball & Brain Girls’ Under-12 team, shared her excitement, stating, “Winning the Anagli Cup is not just about the trophy; it’s about coming together as a team and giving our best to make our coach (Raymond Amezado) proud. This experience has been unforgettable.”

The Under 10 Ball & Brain Boys’ team hoisting their trophy

Anagli Invitational Golf Tournament: Swinging to Success

The celebration continued on Monday, August 28, 2023, with the Anagli Invitational Golf Tournament at the Achimota Golf Club. The lush green landscape bore witness to a gathering of young golfers, each striving to conquer the course and etch their names in the records.

In the Boys’ seniors 5-hole category, Bismark Afatsawo’s exceptional score of 23 secured the first position, closely followed by Joseph Adenyo with a score of 24 on a par 21. Meanwhile, in the Girls’ seniors 5-hole category, Ellen Amezado and Afi Amezado demonstrated their skill, each achieving a score of 28, and claiming the first and second positions, respectively.

A participant looking to pitch on to the green

Reflecting on the event, Raymond Amezado shared, “Golf teaches us patience, precision, and perseverance. The participants today have exhibited these qualities admirably.”

The Juniors 2-hole category saw Blessing Korblam and Mawusi Amezado shine, securing the first and second positions, respectively. The presentation of medals and golf assisting items further added to the sense of achievement and celebration among the participants.

Blessing Korblam receiving her medal

Blessing Korblam, the winner in the Juniors category, expressed her joy, stating, “Golf is both challenging and rewarding. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my skills and be part of this incredible event that honors our Founder and President.”

The celebrations weren’t just about competition; they were about fostering a sense of community and unity. Snacks and refreshments were shared, symbolizing the joy and togetherness that define the Fafali Organization.

Winners of the various categories from the Anagli Invitational Tournament

As the sun set on these exhilarating tournaments, the Fafali Organization, under the visionary leadership of Raymond Amezado, continues to pave the way for young athletes to shine. Through these events, the organization not only celebrated our founder’s birthday but also nurtured a passion for sports and camaraderie that will undoubtedly flourish for generations to come.

More images from the Anagli Cup Football Competition and the Anagli Invitational Golf Tournament

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