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Godfred’s Story

At age 13, Godfred embraces responsibility to support his family. He skips school to work as a bus conductor and assists roadside restaurants by washing dishes and taking on various minor jobs. After years of shouldering the responsibility of providing for his parents and four younger siblings, Godfred is faced with a daily struggle to balance work and the dream of an education. Despite the challenges, Godfred’s resilience and determination inspire us all. Your support can be the catalyst for change.

Adzovi’s Story

Adzovi, aged 12, resided with her grandmother and father. Sadly, Adzovi’s father faces mental health difficulties, he now walks in the community naked and the recent passing of her grandmother has greatly affected her, causing behavior that can be misunderstood by others in the community. Adzovi is experiencing distress due to mockery from peers, needing emotional support and guidance. Additionally, the lack of proper care has led to food insecurity, as no family member is fully capable of taking responsibility for her well-being. Adzovi requires support to navigate this challenging situation and Fafali is here to help.

Sarah’s Story

A young girl, let’s call her Sarah, aged 14, finds herself in a situation where she’s struggling to meet her needs due to family challenges. Her sick and unemployed mother, lacking formal education, faces dire circumstances, and her older sibling, who previously supported the family financially through prostitution, recently became a young parent. Sarah feels pressured to assume a similar role to support the family, which puts her at risk of harm and exploitation. This situation is affecting her well-being and educational path, mirroring her sister’s hardships.

Fafali assumes the responsibility of sponsoring her education, ensuring that she does not resort to selling her body to pursue schooling. She expresses joy and gratitude for the opportunity to attend school.

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When you become a member of the Fafali, you will help us serve our children. Most of the children we serve are amongst the most vulnerable people in the world. For many, their futures are limited by child neglect, child labor, violence, early marriage, illiteracy and inequality. They fight to attend and stay in school, to be treated with dignity and respect and to be safe.


Volunteering with us is termed as the Fafali Experience – a unique experience filled with emotions and satisfaction as you contribute your time and energy to the Fafali Organization. Through the Fafali Experience, your role as a volunteer transforms into a sense of belonging to a global family, united by love and compassion.

Sponsor A Child

Several of our children face the difficult choice between attending school or working to sustain themselves. No child should have to miss school due to lack of food. Your sponsorship contributes to covering the feeding fees for a child, ensuring they can stay in school. If you decide to sponsor a child, we will provide you with profiles and narratives of children awaiting support.

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