We are elated to announce a significant milestone in our mission to promote education and innovation in the Anumle Electoral Area. The inauguration of our 2-unit classroom complex marks a momentous occasion for our community and promises to be a game-changer in the field of education. This complex, set to become a STEM & Literacy Center, is a testament to the power of collaboration and community support.

A Collaborative Effort

The inauguration of this remarkable complex was made possible through the unwavering support of various partners and organizations, who share our commitment to education and community development. Under the auspices of the Assemblyman of the Anumle Electoral Area, Hon. Daniel Dzadey, and in the presence of esteemed partners from AFS, AIESEC, University of Ghana, and headteachers from our community schools, the classroom complex was officially launched. This event showcased the unity and dedication that are driving positive change in our community.

Key stakeholders of the Fafali Organization captured during the ceremony

During the ceremony, we were honored to have the Assemblyman of the Anumle Electoral Area, Hon. Daniel Dzadey, as the guest speaker. His presence and insightful words underscored the importance of community leadership and collaboration in achieving our educational goals.

Hon. Daniel Dzadey, the Assemblyman of the Anumle Electoral Area, emphasized the importance of community collaboration, saying, “This complex is a testament to what we can achieve when we unite for a common purpose. It reflects our commitment to ensuring that every child in our community has access to quality education. I am confident that this facility will be a source of pride and inspiration for our community.”

Hon. Daniel Dzadey, the Assemblyman of the Anumle Electoral Area, gracing the occasion

Generous Funding from Lions Club 67 Hamburg

The realization of this project was made possible through the generous funding support from Lions Club 67 Hamburg in Germany. Their commitment to education and their global perspective on community development have created an enduring legacy for the Anumle Electoral Area. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Lions Club 67 Hamburg for their invaluable contribution to our cause. We would also like to express our gratitude to Katharina Ute, a remarkable volunteer who played a pivotal role in connecting us with the Lions Club Hamburg 67. Katharina’s tireless efforts in raising funds to support our cause exemplify the power of individuals who are driven by the spirit of philanthropy and community development.

Founder, Raymond Amezado shared his thoughts on the occasion, stating, “Today, we celebrate not only bricks and mortar but the dreams and aspirations of our young learners. This complex embodies our commitment to providing quality education and equipping our youth with the skills they need to reach for the stars. It is a testament to the collective determination of our community and I want to thank the great team around me and I wouldn’t want to take all the glory on such an occasion.”

Our Founder and President, Raymond Amezado sharing his insights

A Hub for Learning and Innovation

The classrooms within the complex have been meticulously designed to provide a conducive environment for a wide range of educational projects. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge resources, including state-of-the-art technology, to foster learning in areas such as drone piloting, graphic design, website design, literacy, and numeracy. It will serve as a hub for creativity, innovation, and knowledge-sharing, offering our youth the tools and opportunities they need to excel in an ever-evolving world.

In his speech, Mr. Senyo Sosu, CEO of our organization, expressed his concern over the number of kids in the Anumle Electoral Area who are unable to read and how this classroom complex which also serves as a literacy lab will contribute towards the reduction in low literacy rates.

“Today, as we celebrate the inauguration of our 2-Unit Classroom Complex, I would like to shed light on an essential aspect of our work that addresses a pressing need within our community. Our Literacy Lab, for instance, is dedicated to addressing a critical need in the Anumle Electoral Area. Extensive research has revealed that a significant majority of the children in this area face challenges in basic literacy skills – they cannot read or write. This revelation underscores the urgency of paying further attention to this crucial aspect of our mission,” Mr. Sosu said.

The modern classroom structure

Symbolic Inauguration Ceremony

Following the inspiring speeches, a symbolic inauguration ceremony took place. Stakeholders who have played a pivotal role in this project, including the Assemblyman, partners from AFS, University of Ghana, AIESEC, and the CEO of the Fafali Organization, came together to hold the scissors and cut the ribbon for the new classroom complex. This act symbolized the collective commitment to providing quality education and empowering our youth.

Exploring the Future of Learning

After the inauguration, attendees had the opportunity to explore the classrooms and witness firsthand the innovative STEM projects taking place within. From drone piloting to graphic design, basic computing, art projects, and math classes, the classrooms were abuzz with activity. It was a moment of pride for all those present to see our youth engaging with these exciting educational initiatives.

Stakeholders touring the various classes

The launch of the 2-unit classroom complex in the Anumle Electoral Area marks a significant step forward in our journey towards educational excellence and community empowerment. With the support of our partners, the generous funding from Lions Club 67 Hamburg, and the dedication of our team, this complex will be a beacon of knowledge and innovation, paving the way for a brighter future for the youth of our community. Together, we can continue to transform lives and create opportunities for generations to come.

Some Images from the Launch

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