Football tactics are rapidly becoming as complicated as the chemical formula for splitting the atom.” – Jimmy Greaves

The COACH THE COACHES COURSE is back with Norfafa International (Netherlands & Ghana) being the host in partnership with Africa Footballers Connect (Ghana) and Central Progress (Netherlands). Other major partners are Fafali Organization (Ghana & USA) and Ngorli CIC (UK), and KITAID (UK).

The game of football or soccer has changed and for African players to stay competitive to attract better interest and contracts, their coaches need to stay with the current trend of coaching and constantly upgrade themselves hence the Coach the Coaches Course.

This course is a certificate course and not a license course. The course is tailored to help both experienced and new coaches. The purpose of the course is to give coaches physical, mental, tactical and technical knowledge that will help them to better train their players. There will be networking and scouting opportunities and also how to manage and market a team among other benefits.

This is the second edition and we can confidently say that the Coach the Coaches Course is the best certificate course in the whole of Africa due to the performance of the coaches that came to this course. We currently have coaches that came to this course coaching in teams from Premier leagues to juveniles’ leagues.

Instructors will be provided by Central Progress, an organization made up of UEFA licensed coaches with a common goal of uplifting the game of soccer will be bringing coaches from Europe to instruct the course.

African Footballers Connect, a platform with over 60,000 football stakeholders across the continent of Africa and the world will together with the Fafali Organization be responsible for administering the course.

Fafali is an organization on a mission to spark the brains of African children through the provision of education, training, and the needed guidance, resources, and opportunities that will change the continent of Africa and the rest of the world.

KitAid UK has donated football/soccer materials; equipment, and jerseys to support the participants during and after the course. These donations are made possible courtesy of Ngorli Community Interested Company.  

The course will be hosted throughout July 2022 and it will be divided into four (4) sections. Each Section will be made up of ONE (1) day of orientation and EIGHT (8) days of training.  Also, each section includes classroom training, field training, equipment, and material giveaways. Certificates will be awarded upon the completion of the course.

Course package

Course Taught by European Football Coaching Experts

Advanced Tactical and Technical Approach to the Game

Free Coaching Uniforms

 Free Tactical Board

Guidance on Club Management and Marketing

First Aid and Injury Prevention and Management

One Set of Team Jersey (Shirts, Pants, And Socks)

Free Lunch Throughout Course Duration

Free Team Slots for Scouting Tournaments

Free Equipment; Footballs, And Training Materials (First Come, First Serve)

Free Team Sponsorship & Networking Opportunities


Experience Coaches: It will help them refresh and also catch up with the current trend of techniques and tactics.

New Coaches or People with The Desire to Be a Coach: This will help them to have a solid foundation, to begin with.

Club Owners or Managers: This course will help them to understand football and also to recruit better staff to handle their clubs.

Players: This will help them to have a backup skill in addition to playing the game of football and also, they can help develop younger players in their teams.This will help them to understand the game of football in terms of tactics and can learn new tactics or techniques with little supervision.

Journalists: This will help them analyze and administer constructive criticisms on games as well as offer great insight into the game for their audience.

Sports Teachers: This will help them to groom students who are under their watch during school sessions to help promote the games in schools and at a basic level.


Newcomers & Returnees:

Returnees will get different instructions and training from the newcomers.


There will be free accommodation for individuals coming from far and outside the country of Ghana. Three (3) to five (5) people will share a room depending on the number of participants and the size of the room.

Event Dates:

July 2022

Venue: Fafali Center and Kissehman Park, West Legon, Accra-Ghana.


New Entrants in Ghana (Cedis)

GH₵ 300 registration fee

GH₵ 1,500 course fee

Course Fee for Returnees in Ghana

GH₵ 300 registration fee

GH₵ 600 course fee

Fees for New Entrants outside Ghana (Dollars)

$50 registration fee

$300 course fee

Fee for Returnees outside Ghana

$50 registration fee

$100 course fee

NOTE: Fees are not refundable unless the course is canceled by us. When paying in another country, participants will have to pay extra for the transfer fee or pay directly into our account in Ghana.

Contact: Call/WhatsApp (+233) 59 913 7301, (+233) 24 798 2255,

Come and acquire advanced knowledge of the game including the tactical and business side of it, and go home with the needed resources to effectively run your football team.

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