The Fafali Organization has on Tuesday, 19th September 2022 launched a new project dubbed “Fit for Fun”.

The program was launched under the auspices of the Founder and CEO of the Fafali Organization, SSG Raymond Amezado, and Senyo Sosu respectively.

Fit for Fun is a program going to be run by the Assistant Programs Coordinator, Ute Katharina Droege, under the sports initiatives of the Fafali Organization.

Katharina engaging the children with some aerobics

The program runs two times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Anunmle School field.

There were 12 children were present on the first day of training as this began the dawn of a new project for the Fafali Organization.

Katharina shares the reason behind this new project and the impact she intends to make with this project.

“Fit for fun is an athletics group for children after school where we adopt some athletics disciplines, but mostly full of games for these children who are into sports for them to have fun,” Katharina said.

When asked about how the name “Fit for Fun” came about, Katharina mentioned that “Fit for Fun is the connection between the sports and the fun aspect because it is not just about doing the sports and then leaving the training but it is everything that comes along with this project”.

The long-term goal of this project, according to Katharina is to impact about 20-30 children as well as their families. She added that “the hope is to impact these children with social skills and get to know them better”.

Katharina explaining the concepts to the children

Ute Katharina Droege is a volunteer with the Fafali Organization who is in Ghana for a culture exchange via AFS Intercultural programs. She comes from Germany with a resourced background in athletics.

As the Assistant Programs Coordinator, she believes her way to make an impact in the Anunmle Electoral Area, is to share with these underserved children her pool of expertise in the field of athletics.

CEO of the Fafali Organization, Senyo Sosu shares the vision of Fafali and how Fit for Fun brings diversity to the programs available for the children.

“The Fafali Organization as a nonprofit organization looks to empower the youth of Africa with education, training, and character – enabling them to act upon their future and enriching their local communities and Africa as a whole. As such, there are a plethora of programs available for children in the community to choose from with the addition of the athletics group” Mr. Sosu said.

Mr. Sosu also added that “the goal of the organization is to have athletes ready to compete at the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, California.”

Under the Sports wing of the Organization, there are 2 active projects ongoing; the Ball & Brain project for football players, and the Golf and Goal project for young golf players.

By this, all interested children in the field of athletics are encouraged to pass by the Fafali office on John Nii Owoo Avenue, opposite Providence Baptist Church to register as participants. They must be accompanied by their parents for them to give their consent.

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