The Fafali organization is set to host the first edition of its girl’s empowerment event dubbed ‘FAFALI GIRLS RETREAT’ on the 25th to 27th of March 2022 at Oshun’s Palace and Garden, East-Legon.

The event is scheduled to host about sixty (60) girls from Kissehman, Christian Village, and its surrounding communities.

This event is in line with our objective of empowering the girl child through our girl empowerment program (Mino). The theme for this year’s event is “Educated Girl, Empowered Woman” as we believe that education is a great step in empowering our girls.

Girls from the Mino (Our mothers) program

The goal of the ‘FAFALI GIRL’S RETREAT’ event is to give our girls the opportunity to interact with women who have risen amidst obstacles to the top and are achieving incredible things women could only dream of due to gender discrimination.

Women used to be thought of as secondary human beings in the world a few years back and according to the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, “All around the world women and girls are routinely denied access to education and healthcare; they are under-represented in economic and political decision-making and suffer from violence and discrimination”, which is why the Fafali Organization is contributing its quota to help empower the girl child to overcome these adversities.

Topics for the Event

Social Media – Teaching the girl child to make good use of social media can go a long way in helping her not to fall prey to the evil sides of the world as everything we do in our world today revolves around social media.

Sex Exploitation – Young girls these days tend to suffer a lot from the hands of pedophiles who disguise themselves to offer helping hands to these innocent girls. In the act of offering to help, they sexually exploit these girls who are going to live with this emotional scar for the rest of their lives.

Child Trafficking – Many young girls have fallen into situations where they can’t help but move on with life. People traffic these girls against their will for all kinds of sexual acts. We as an organization intend to offer hope to these helpless girls.

Sex Education – We as an organization are not against ‘SEX’, but at what age and how do these young girls indulge in sexual acts? Our resource personnel will do their best to teach these girls safe sex and when not to get involved in sex.

Adolescence – Being an adolescent comes with its challenges; growing pubic hairs, menstruation, etc. These young ones will be taught how to practice personal hygiene and to be the best version of themselves during this period.

Gender Bias – We hope to educate our girls on issues of gender bias. Gender bias is behavior that shows favoritism toward one gender over another. This in the past and even now is against women. For guys not to also fall in the minority in our attempt to empower women, we must ensure equity.

Career Choice – There are so many intelligent girls in our communities that have attained some level of education (i.e. formal/informal) but are stuck as to what career choice to go by. With the guidance of our resource personnel, we hope to assists these girls make the best career choices for themselves.

Mental Health – Mental health issues in our part of the world are not taken too seriously, but many people are suffering from some form of mental health disorder most especially, women. We intend to use this medium to educate our girls on how to deal with issues of mental health.

Girls from our newly created Fafali Girls Football Team

Resource personnel for the event will be announced in due time but our overnight retreat will include some side attractions like; cooking, playing educational games, a movie night with discussions, and so much more.

We as an organization hope to make this event a quarterly event (Every 3 months) but it costs us a lot to put these programs together as a nonprofit organization. We call on sponsors to come on board to empower these helpless girls to become empowered women.

For sponsorship and inquiries, contact us via:

Call/WhatsApp: (+233) 59 913 7301



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