The Fafali Organization through the Ghana Rugby League Federation received members of the Oxford University rugby team who helped organize a rugby clinic for children in the Kissehman community on Friday, July 8, 2022.

About a hundred (100) children were involved in this rugby clinic where they were taken through basic rugby drills like; passing and handling drills, attacking drills, kicking and catching drills, and contact drills among others.

The Fafali Organization has over the years worked with about fifty-one (51) international volunteers in different programs, most especially sports. We are vested in the areas of football and golf where we created the Ball & Brain project and Golf & Goal project respectively.

Children tackling each other for the rugby ball

The organization led by the Programs Coordinator, Pablo Weeden, put measures in place to ensure a successful running of events. He shared with us some insights about how the day’s activities went.

“Today’s event was a successful one and a big thank you to all members of the organization and the Rugby League Federation. The only thing that went against us was our inability to implement many of our plans on the day because our guests couldn’t make it on time.” Pablo said.

Rugby is a 15-a-side team sport. The objective of the game is to ground the ball behind the opponent’s try line, into what is called the in-goal area. Rugby is played both with the ball in hand and by kicking the ball. However, when the ball is being carried in hand it can only be thrown or handed off backward.

The Rugby League Federation has been a partner of the Fafali Organization for quite some time now and they have always shown up for the organization whenever called upon. They reached out to Fafali about the presence of the University of Oxford rugby team who were providing clinics as well as expanding the game of rugby across the globe. As partners, the organization was ready to provide them with all the necessary aid.

Excited Children showing off skills with the ball

The General Manager of the Rugby League Federation Ghana, Jafaru Awudu Mustapha, explained the vision of the federation going forward and the opportunities available to all individuals who wish to take up rugby as a profession.

“I’m very grateful for this day and a successful outing with these children. On the part of the federation, we are only looking to expand and send the game of rugby to the remotest part of the country. We must diversify the sporting activities in Ghana.” Jafaru said. He also added that since the game is still categorized as a minor sport in Ghana, there are a lot of “opportunities available to new recruits” as well as standout players in the sports.

The Fafali Organization’s stance on sports is “The importance of sports has not been sufficiently appreciated by African governments for it to be integrated into their national development plans. There is no doubt that sports could play a critical role in attaining peace, development, and stability. One of the areas to which sport can contribute is health”. Giving different options for sports to our children has been a long-term goal. The partnership with the Rugby League Federation Ghana is just a testament to that vision. Volunteers are very integral to the projects of a nonprofit organization as they provide new skillsets, ideas and personnel needed to run a project.

The Organization is currently recruiting international volunteers for its special program dubbed “THE FAFALI EXPERIENCE”. We are recruiting volunteers from all walks of life into our 5 core programs of Sports, Education, Environment, Gender Equality, and Entrepreneurship. Volunteers will be tasked to make an impact on the life of the African child.
These volunteers will be treated to the best of Ghanaian cultures (Food, language, etc.) and will have the opportunity to own the various programs in which they work to ensure goals are achieved.

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