Joshua Abalo was adjudged the employee of the year at the inaugural Fafali Organization Staff awards on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

His colleagues chose him as the employee of the year through a voting process. The award was given based on his work output in the 2022 year under review where the organization chalked a lot of success compared to the previous years.

Every member of the organization put their best foot forward to ensure much of the year was a success through all activities undertaken but one person had to stand out amongst the rest.

The Fafali team during office hours

To accept this honor, Joshua shared some words with the team and how it is through the effort of everyone that he has achieved this.

“I would like to express my deep appreciation to the organization and the judging panel for recognizing my efforts and contributions. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of every individual who has helped me along the way” Joshua said. “I also want to thank my colleagues and team members, who have supported me and motivated me to be my best every day. It is a privilege to work with such talented and dedicated individuals” he added.

On how leaders in the organization have created a safe environment for everyone to excel in their roles, Joshua Abalo mentioned that “this award would not have been possible without the guidance and leadership of our managers, who have provided me with the tools and opportunities to succeed. I am grateful for their unwavering support and encouragement.”

Joshua Abalo is the head of the organization’s IT department, where he works on all computer software and hardware of the office and he also serves as the graphic designer for the Fafali Organization.

Joshua Abalo at his work station

Joshua is a young man of 30 years, he comes from the Kissehman Community in the Anumle Electoral Area. Joshua, like every other child we serve as an organization, was also a product of a nonprofit organization in Kissehman. Joshua was not the type who was academically inclined, hence, his decision not to continue schooling after Junior High School.

He was discovered as a young boy who had the talent to partake in cultural dance and drumming and was also inquisitive about the world of technology. This nonprofit organization nurtured him and offered him opportunities, such as traveling abroad to perform in front of large crowds and raise funds for social courses back in Ghana.

As a nonprofit organization, Fafali Organization has created many avenues for people to be impacted and eventually go on to extend that impact to others through our mission of empowering the youth of Africa with education, training, and character – enabling them to act upon their future and enriching their local communities and Africa as a whole.

CEO of the Fafali Organization, Senyo Sosu, also expressed his profound gratitude for having an employee like Joshua and how proud he is of his growth as a person.

“Our organization is heavily reliant on volunteers who dedicate their time to make an impact in our underserved community. He (Joshua) used to be volunteer who designed some fliers for us and also took responsibility for our photography needs until we convinced him to become a full-time staff of the organization” Mr. Sosu said. He also added that “looking at how far he has come as a person and his output, it is only deserving that he was bestowed this great honor and we look forward to seeing greater things from him”.

Joshua Abalo’s output in 2022 was unprecedented as he led the charge to design all the needs for Norfafa Limited Company – a social enterprise that has to make money to support the operations of the Fafali Organization. Joshua helped trained every employee in that organization to muster and operate the printing press, and mobile money services, among others. Through this, Joshua earned himself a lucrative offer from a partner of the Fafali Organization. He now works on projects with this partner, who has heaped enormous praises on him for his work ethic throughout their work.

Apart from being a staff of the Fafali Organization, he also volunteers his time to teach graphic design, basic computing, and photography where he has impacted more than 50 children in the Fafali Organization.

Though just a Junior High School graduate, Joshua served as a mentor to more than 5 tertiary students from the University of Ghana and the Ghana Telecom University whom he trained in the field of IT.

Joshua undertaking some of his numerous tasks during office hours

Joshua Abalo’s readiness to produce results at all times was also a contributing factor. He served as the media personnel for the Fafali Organization’s flagship program, the Coach the Coaches Course in all two (2) editions. He also designed the sponsorship package, fliers, and banners for the most successful outdoor event in the Anumle Electoral Area, the Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Party celebration.

As a product of a nonprofit organization’s impact, Joshua also dedicated his time and effort to help impact others with the knowledge he has acquired.

“I am dedicated to continuing my growth and development, and I am committed to using this recognition as motivation to achieve even greater success in the future. Once again, thank you for this award and your continued support” he said.

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