Fafali Organization in partnership with Reliance Charity Foundation held a leadership conference on Saturday, September 4, 2021 at the Golf Suites Hotel in West Legon, Accra.

The event dubbed “Setting a Solid Foundation for a Successful Non-Profit Organization” and also meant to inculcate leadership values in the youth, saw speakers from the Fafali organization and the Reliance Charity Foundation.

The headline speaker for the event was, Mr. Barry E. Knighton MSW Social Worker from Columbia, South Carolina USA, who is an international Humanitarian volunteer with the Fafali Organization. Other notable speakers at the event were Rev. Senyo Sosu, Co-founder and the CEO of Fafali Organization, Raymond Amezado, Founder of Fafali Organization, and Eric Owiredu, Executive Director of Reliance Charity Foundation.

In attendance were 28 leaders of different backgrounds with a passion for charity and community development. Without the backing and commitment of the leaders of organizations, most programs will wither and die off quickly. The training provided insight on the fortes and positive aspects of the leader’s actions and styles.

The international Guest speaker, Barry E. Knighton was the first speaker on the day and he was tasked to share with participants the foundational principles of leadership character and how it shapes our organizational perspective, administration, and outreach practices. There was never a dull moment as he adopted a creative method of allowing the participants to get involved with the teaching process.

Raymond Amezado, Founder, Fafali Organization was next to speak about his experience in the Non-Governmental Organization sector from developing an effective team, having the necessary people around him, overcoming challenges, and strengthening communities. This is a man who spent almost all his life serving people through philanthropic work all over the world and it was great having him pass down some knowledge to young participants who have the passion to venture into the sector.

Last but not least was Rev. Senyo Sosu, CEO, Fafali Organization also enlightened participants about his experience by sharing his expertise from a CEO’s perspective and his journey to the top.

A great program it was but definitely not the last of its kind as the Fafali Organization look set to groom people in the NGO sector to become a major driving force of the Ghanaian economy as we believe any country with a strong Non-Governmental Organization sector is a successful country.

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