Last September 2023 marked a challenging time for our soccer project as our esteemed goalkeepers’ trainer fell critically ill, requiring hospitalization until January of this year. Throughout his ordeal, our goalkeepers and the entire team fervently prayed for his recovery, demonstrating unwavering support and compassion.

Fast forward to January 12, 2024, the team captains convened a meeting with coaches to discuss their coach’s health. In an admirable display of empathy and compassion, the young leaders proposed raising funds to support their coach, recognizing his voluntary dedication to our project despite limited financial gains.

Our President (In Green Lacoste) leading the donation on behalf of the team

This act of kindness is not a coincidence but a direct result of the lessons instilled during our Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Project 2023. In this initiative, our founder, Raymond Amezado, visited our projects, personally engaging and educating over 500 individuals on the subjects of philanthropy and community service.

Raymond conveyed the essence of philanthropy, emphasizing that even simple acts, like smiling at someone or holding doors open, contribute to charity by warming someone’s heart. Given the financial constraints faced by underserved children, Raymond highlighted the invaluable resource they possess—time.

Encouraging them to volunteer at hospitals, assist neighbors, and partake in charitable events at school, Raymond planted the seeds of philanthropy in these young minds.

The impact became evident in January 2024 when the Ball & Brain Boys, our spirited football enthusiasts, rallied together and raised an impressive Ghc500 ($40) to aid their ailing goalkeepers’ coach.

On January 30, 2024, a delegation led by Raymond Amezado, coach Randy Amezado and coach David Amezado, team captains, and all the players visited the coach. In a heartwarming gesture, they presented the funds as a token of goodwill, illustrating that small acts of kindness can make a significant difference.

This heartening narrative underscores the power of teaching philanthropy. Our young ambassadors have proven that cultivating a spirit of giving can result in positive impacts within the community. The story emphasizes the importance of incorporating philanthropy into education systems, particularly in Africa, where wealth inequality remains stark.

According to The Global Philanthropy Report, out of 260,000 global foundations, only 47 are in Africa. The report reveals a staggering wealth disparity, with U.S. and European foundations controlling 97% of the $1.5 trillion in assets, leaving African foundations with a mere 0.16% to contribute.

Recognizing these disparities and understanding the unique challenges facing our communities, the Fafali Organization is at the forefront, teaching the children we serve about the power of philanthropy. You too can support our initiative by contributing to our cause.

Let’s continue empowering hearts and healing hands through the invaluable lessons of philanthropy.

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