Membership or Individual Commitment

Giving to Fafali is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. Your donation will propel us to achieve our goals and vision. It takes a better village to raise a better child. With $10 or more a month, you will help provide life-changing benefits for needy kids that will help them get out of poverty.

We also accept the donations of new and used equipment or materials we need for our various programs and activities.

In-kind Donation

In-kind donations are critical to our success. Fafali relies on supporters’ generous contributions of new/used equipment and materials (e.g. software, computers, tablets, golf club, football/soccer ball, storybook), teaching and learning materials (pen, notebooks, markers) and pro-bono services in order to enhance our programs and maximize the efficiency of our work.


Volunteers are and will forever be a crucial part of Fafali Organization and with that being said volunteers are giving the optimum respect and recognition. Volunteering takes many forms, from traditional service, giving, mutual aid, self-help, advocacy, and community action. All such forms of volunteering are equally valid and necessary.

Perhaps your geographical location may not make it possible for you to become a part of our core team. Nevertheless, technological advancement has made it possible for you to generously volunteer your support through the email system. Thus, you can constantly keep in touch by supplying workable ideas, social media help and as well as other forms of support.

Partner with Fafali

Partners are critical to our success in achieving our mission. We partner with individuals and other smaller organizations impacting their communities. We also seek partnership with bigger organizations to help with the implementation of our programs. You are welcome to reach out to us for a partnership in alignment with our various programs.