In a remarkable turn of events, the five talented junior golfers from the Fafali Organization’s Golf & Goal program, whom we sent to represent Ghana at the 10th Awa Ibraheem Junior Golf Championship in Nigeria from October 19th – October 22nd, 2023, have not only made us proud but have also left an indelible mark on the West African golfing stage. The standout performance of Afi Julienne Amezado, in particular, has brought her the title of West Africa Female Junior Champion.

Afi Amezado hoisting her trophy

A Triumph in West Africa

Afi Julienne Amezado’s victory in the Girls 14-15 years category at the 10th Awa Ibraheem Junior Golf Championship is nothing short of extraordinary. Her dedication, skill, and unyielding spirit have rightfully earned her the title of West Africa Female Junior Champion. This accomplishment is a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence, and it reflects the high standards we set for our young golfers in the Golf & Goal program. After a grueling 54 holes, Amezado compiled a gross score of 249, 42 strokes over the course par. This impressive performance allowed her to secure the first position, earning her the championship trophy and a scholarship prize of N300,000.00 generously provided by the sponsor, Alhaji (Dr) Awa Ibraheem. Notably, Afi Amezado’s triumph was by a considerable margin, with the second-place winner, Blessing Adah, recording a score of 294 in contrast to Afi’s 249.

Founder & President of the Fafali Organization, Raymond Amezado, commented on the comportment of the young golfers, saying, “The composure and dedication displayed by our junior golfers in Nigeria have been exemplary. This experience on an international level is invaluable and will serve as a stepping stone for their future endeavors. We are proud of their achievements and excited about what the future holds for them.”

From l-r (A rep from the Nigerian Golf Federation, Rudy Amezado-a volunteer in our women empowerment project, Raymond Amezado – Our Founder & President, A rep from the Nigerian Golf Federation, and John Kwashie-Senior Coach in our Golf & Goal project)

The Journey to Nigeria

Recalling the journey of these promising golfers, the team was accompanied by the Founder & President of the Fafali Organization, Raymond Amezado, the Senior Coach of our Golf & Goal project, John Kwashie, and Rudy Amezado, a dedicated volunteer in our women empowerment project. They embarked on their journey on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023, traveling by bus through Togo and Benin before finally reaching Nigeria.

Upon their arrival, the team was treated to a tour of various islands in Nigeria, immersing themselves in the rich culture and history of the host nation. They dedicated time to practice rounds, acclimating themselves to the course, and formally registered as participants for the competition.

In the competition, Afi Julienne Amezado and Prince Adjei featured in the Girls and Boys 14-15 years category, Rejoice Jagor and Ellen Amezado competed in the Girls 8-11 years category, and David Adenyo participated in the 8-11 years Boys category. Our young golfers displayed incredible skill, resilience, and determination throughout the championship.

John Kwashie, the Senior Coach of our Golf & Goal project, praised the performance of the children and shared his vision for their future. He said, “The kids put up a tremendous fight and displayed great potential. To take them to the next level, we need to focus on fine-tuning their skills and providing more opportunities for them to compete on the global stage. With dedication and continued support, these young golfers can reach even greater heights.”

From l-r (David Adenyo, Afi Amezado, Ellen Amezado, Rejoice Jagor, and Prince Adjei)

An Ongoing Journey

The opportunity to compete in Nigeria has opened up new avenues for our young golfers. They have received invitations to participate in more competitions in Nigeria before the year’s end and in the upcoming year. This remarkable experience has not only elevated their skill but also broadened their horizons as international junior golfers.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the event organizers, the dedicated caddies, and the accommodating hotel staff who made their stay in Nigeria comfortable and memorable. Most notably, we express our gratitude to Dr. Alhaji Awa Ibraheem for extending the invitation and hosting us. Dr. Ibraheem’s personal care and attention were invaluable throughout our stay.

We also want to thank all those who supported us on this incredible journey. Your support has been a driving force behind our young golfers’ success.

A group picture with all participants from the 10th Awa Ibraheem Junior Championship

The Road Ahead

As we celebrate the achievements of Afi Julienne Amezado and her fellow young golfers, we are already looking to the future. The next steps involve preparing these talents for upcoming competitions in South Africa, Nigeria, the United States, and the UK. With each swing, they are forging a path to greatness and inspiring countless others to follow in their footsteps.

Thank you for reading!