The Fafali Organization received students who will serve as volunteers of the organization on the 6th of June, 2022. Of about eighteen (18) students received by the University of Ghana, Legon from all parts of the world through their Ghana to the World initiative, fifteen (15) of them were assigned to the Fafali Organization.

The Fafali organization has over the years received volunteers from all walks of life. Volunteers trooped in from countries like the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States of America among others.

The organization reached out to the University of Ghana via a letter asking to work with some of these international students who are on summer holidays in Ghana.

Volunteers we received were; Michaela Chetty from South Africa, Jade Henwood from the UK, Charlotte McNally from the UK, Raul Ymeraj from Italy, Will Zong from China, Carina Yu from China, and Lynelle Kisuule from the UK.

A group picture during their first day at the office

Ghana to the World is an initiative of the University of Ghana which receives international students almost every summer. These international students come for exchange programs as well as to explore historical sites in the country which then goes to boost tourism.

These volunteers we have received will be spending the month of June with the organization and as a means to keep them engaged, they are made to choose from our available programs which they would like to volunteer their time for. These programs include; Early Childhood Education, Menstrual Cup Education, Need to Read, and Administrative assignment.

The program coordinator for the Fafali organization, Pablo Weeden, explained what it took to get all these volunteers on board and how best they have contributed to the programs of the Fafali organization.

“We believe that the success of our programs lies in the dedication and passion of our volunteers,” said Pablo Weeden, the program coordinator for the Fafali organization. “Their commitment to our cause and their diverse skill sets have greatly enhanced our programs and initiatives. They have brought in fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and an incredible work ethic that has truly made a difference in the lives of the communities we serve.”

Programs Available to Volunteers

Need to Read

In our Need to Read program, volunteers are encouraged to attend to children who are in higher levels of education but are unable to read. We have children in Junior High Schools who cannot read books meant for primary children. Volunteers who select this program are to visit the child in school to see how he/she is being taught, visit their homes to understand the reason for his/her inability to read, and then provide lasting solutions that will help these young ones inculcate the habit of reading and be good at it.

Early Childhood Education

Our Early Childhood Education on the other hand also allows the volunteers to monitor the development of children in pre-school between the ages of 3-8 years. They observe the care these young ones receive at school, whether satisfactory or unsatisfactory. All this is done in schools in the Kissehman community.

Menstrual Cup Education

Menstrual Cup Education is also for our volunteers to lead the charge in educating parents about the use of the menstrual cups which can be used for a decade as against purchasing sanitary pads monthly. Women need to be educated on how these cups are used, and through our volunteers, we hope to reach out to a lot more women in the community.

Administrative Assignments

The administrative role in the Fafali organization comes with inputting data and ensuring the free flow of office services as well as client satisfaction. Volunteers may not always want to be on the field (classrooms) so we have provided them with the opportunity to be in the office and help carry out some mandates which are all in line with serving.

Engaging some of the volunteers on their experience here thus far, they share with us some insightful thoughts about their journey and how fun it has been trying to learn about new cultures.

“Being a volunteer at the Fafali organization has been an incredible journey of personal growth and cultural exchange,” shared one volunteer. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds and learn about their traditions and customs. It’s been truly enriching and rewarding to contribute to the organization’s mission while expanding my own horizons.”

Another volunteer added, “The Fafali organization has created a welcoming and inclusive environment where volunteers are encouraged to express their ideas and make a real impact. It’s been so much fun working with a team that is passionate about making a difference and learning about new cultures together. I’m grateful for this opportunity to grow as an individual and make lifelong connections.”

Top of Form

These volunteers have sacrificed their time to be in a country away from their home countries to help extend impact to underserved children in our communities. And we appreciate every volunteer who takes this bold step. 

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