Written By: Fides Knebel

Hello everyone,
I am Fides Knebel, 18 years old and I come from Hamburg, a city in the north of Germany. In this article, I would like to tell you about my experiences over the last two months in Ghana, most of which I spent with the Fafali organization.

The idea of coming to Ghana and volunteering with Fafali was actually born out of a joke. When my friend Jorin, who is volunteering with Fafali for a year, and I were talking about our plans after leaving school, it turned out that we were both going to Africa. He was going to Ghana and I was going to Rwanda. But as I was only planning to go to Rwanda for three months, I jokingly said: “Then I can stop by again on my way home”.

During one of my first aid workshops with the kids

The fact that it really worked out now and that I came to Ghana means a lot to me, because as it turned out, this stay was much more than just a stopover on the way home and I was much more than just a visitor.

When I first walked through the streets of Kisseman, the community of course didn’t know me yet and I was often called “Auntie Lilly” (the name of the other German volunteers). However, the more I helped shape and support Fafali’s programs, the more the children in particular got to know me better and so I was very happy when I was called “Auntie Fides” for the first time.

Fit4Fun was the first project I got to know and it immediately gave me great pleasure. The children bring so much joy and fun that I always go home after training with more motivation and energy for the next time.

I also supported the “Dzidefo Girls Club”, Fafali’s women empowerment project. It was great for me to see how the girls can freely develop and strengthen their self-confidence here. To strengthen them physically as well, I developed a self-defense class in which the girls learnt how to avoid and fend off physical assaults. Not only is it a very important topic, it was also great fun for everyone.

Our Dzidefo Girls Club after taking the self-defense lessons

During my time here at Fafali, I was not only able to support the existing programs, but also implement my own ideas. I developed a workshop under the motto “How to become a hero”, where the children learnt about first aid and now know how to act in dangerous situations and save lives. I was very pleased to see how open everyone was to new ideas and how I was able to enrich the organization with my personal interests.

Throughout this time, wherever I went, I felt very welcome and supported. People were interested in getting to know me and were open to my questions. This is especially true of the Fafali people. I am very grateful to be a member of these motivated and warm teams.

Even though I have been back in Germany for days now, my time at Fafali is not over! I have learnt a lot during this time and I am happy to be able to continue supporting Fafali with these skills. I organized a charity run here in my home town, the aim of which was to draw as much attention as possible to the great work that Fafali does and to support it.

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