Ngorli C.I.C


Ngorli Community Interest Company (Ngorli CIC) was set up by Rhoda Amezado to support children and families in the Watford community. This is achieved through an educational program which takes place every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning at the Christ Church on St Albans Road.

In 2022, Ngorli CIC opened a charity shop as means to generate income to support its activities.

Prior to 2017, the Ngorli CIC was part of the Ngorli organization (now the Fafali Organization) which has branches in Ghana, The United Kingdom and the USA but have to separate in order to achieve a greater impact by being community-oriented organizations.

Hence, the Fafali Organization and the Ngorli CIC are sister organizations that support each other in many ways. The Fafali Organization supports the Ngorli CIC with administration work such as; designing flyers, creating invoices, grant writing and so on.

The Ngorli CIC on the other hand supports the Fafali Organizations with sports kits, equipment, toys, school supplies, educational materials and electronics. The overflow from Ngorli CIC’s charity shop is sent to Ghana to the Fafali organization to be distributed among the needy families, also these overflows are sold to raise funds. Also, Ngorli CIC helps the Fafali Organization in raising funds in the UK.

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