The program is designed to teach children through hands-on experience entrepreneurial skills which are essential for success in life. The entrepreneurship program comprises three distinct projects.

Financial Literacy

Fafali’s Financial Literacy project work with the participants in our various programs and also in partnership with schools and communities to teach basic financial literacy skills that will enable our children to understand and effectively use financial skills. These financial skills are as simple as budgeting, investing, credit management, and financial management. In other words, financial literacy is the ability to manage money.

Activities: Financial Club

Projected Activities: Financial Clubs in Schools, IVOT Project


Petty Trade & Investment

Fafali’s Petty Trade & Investment project is by which micro loans/grants are given to parents of the children in our various program so that they can be independent and able to support their children. Parents undergo one week training where they learn basic business skills like Financial Management, Book keeping, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

Activities: Grants/Loans, One week training


The Fafali apprenticeship program is specifically crafted for high school graduates seeking to acquire a trade and achieve self-employment. We collaborate with local entrepreneurs and business owners, providing a platform for our alumni to gain valuable skills in their chosen trade. This not only equips the apprentices with the necessary expertise for sustained success in their respective sectors but also helps deter their engagement in informal trading within the markets and streets of Ghana.

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