Our environmental program aims to educate and inspire children in the community to become environmentally conscious and responsible individuals, thereby creating a positive impact on the environment. We also provide resources when available with the support from community members and stakeholders. We help communities find tailored solutions to their problems and increase youth involvement in planning and decision making in regards to the environmental issues.

Environmental Club

Our Environmental Club is a community-based after-school project, it follows a structured curriculum and take place weekly. Our Environmental Club give all learners who are interested in the environment a chance to meet, learn, discuss and expand their knowledge of environmental issues. We are also able to reach more children in the communities through our various programs and on a more regular basis.

Activities: Weekly meetings, Environmental Seminars and Workshop in Schools, Clean ups, Community Sensitization & Advocacy, Tree planting, Sustainable Recycling, Sustainable Business

Projected Activities: Environmental Club in Schools, Climate Change Advocacy

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