Gender equality


In Africa, 70% of women are excluded financially. The continent has a US$42 billion financing gap between men and women. The gender gaps that exist in education, income, poverty, access to health and wealth, inheritance, and household decision-making has been reported widely in Ghana and in Africa. There is copious evidence which suggests that while these differences are found in all societies, in developing countries these gender gaps are biggest with associated greater negative impact on women.

Women are given equal rights under the Constitution of Ghana, yet disparities in education, employment, and health for women remain prevalent. Additionally, women have much less access to resources than men in Ghana do. Efforts to bring about gender equality continue to grow in Ghana moreover, there is a lot of work to be done. Our solution is the girl’s mentorship program known as the Mino Tribe.


Mino Tribe

Mino, which means “our mothers”, also called Dahomey Amazons by European writers, were a Fon all-female military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey which existed until 1904. They were so named by Western observers and historians due to their similarity to the mythical Amazons of ancient Anatolia and the Black Sea.

Potential is equally distributed; opportunity is not. We activate a movement across sectors that is diverse and broad and seeps into every aspect of daily life. We connect and fuel opportunity for young girls in their communities and beyond.

Our values are as follows:
  • In respect for oneself, for others, for our communities and for our environment.
  • In freedom of thought, speech, religion, and economic choices within a just and democratic society.
  • In the courage to embrace change, and as necessary, to take the initiative to bring about positive change.

We believe that these fundamental values are best instilled at a young age by caring families, supportive schools and a society which feels a strong sense of responsibility for educating and nurturing their young to be knowledgeable, motivated and prepared to take part in the preservation and betterment of the societies in which they will take part.

We believe that responsible, caring and capable individuals must work together to preserve fair and just laws, individual freedoms and equalities of opportunity for all within these societies. And we believe that these societies also must offer respectful and dignified aid for those within these societies that are less fortunate, to enable them to achieve a level of independence and make contributions to their society to the best of their capabilities.

Drills Once Every 3-Months

Tribe members partake in various programs and activities within the organization on daily basis but meet as a group once every three months to work towards community development projects and Tribal goals.

Camp Once A Year

The various tribes go on camping for 10 days during the summer to strengthen their teamwork and community development agendas. These camps are fun and full of activities to educate and enlighten or tribe members.


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