The Fafali Organization promotes physical activity which stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health among children. Fafali will use Sports to attract children and the youth into taking education seriously while playing the game. This is what we call our “Honey-Method.” This comes from the saying, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” In this method, we use our various sports project to gain the interest of many children and parents. We then use the attention to tackle the issues in our communities. Participants have to be in school to play or we will help them to attend school.

Football (Soccer)

The Fafali Soccer Project also known as Ball Brain Project. This project is an after-school project which involves two parts – the Ball part and then the Brain part. The Ball part of this project involves the organization allowing children to follow up on their passion for playing football and sometimes getting to realize their dreams of becoming professional football players.

The Brain session of the project help participant with their education progress.

Activities: Boys Soccer Club, Girls Soccer Club, Brain Section


Coach the Coaches

The basic concept behind the Coach the Coaches Course is to help equip stakeholders in football with the required knowledge and resources to be able to initiate social changes in their various communities. This takes place once in a year for a month.

Activities: Soccer Coaching Course, Community Agent of Chance Advocacy Training, Educational Material Giveaway, Soccer Kits Giveaway.

Soccer Clinics

A soccer clinic is a way for new, recreational, soccer programs to introduce the game to novice children. This can be a fun way to demonstrate many of the skills involved in the game and to help parents or hosts determine the level of interest of their children and players. This takes place once in a year for a month.

Activities: Fun Soccer Drills, Educational Material Giveaway, Soccer Kits Giveaway.


Our Golf project known as Golf and Goal is a community-based partnership by the Fafali Organization to attract and engage children between the ages of 5-16yrs in Anumle Electoral Area to play the game of golf whiles taking education seriously.

The Goal part of the project is the promotion of STEM education to the children.

Activities: Golf, STEM Education, Tournament Abroad


Athletics (Fit4Fun)

The Fafali Fit4Fun project is an athletics group for children after school where we adopt some athletics disciplines, but mostly full of games for these children who are into sports for them to have fun while keeping fit. This program also takes children away from the street after school

Activities: Running, Jumping, Sprint

Seasonal Sports

Table Tennis


Inter School Sports Competitions

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