The Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Project is not just a festive celebration; it is a holistic initiative encompassing three impactful projects aimed at nurturing dreams, fostering philanthropy, and sustaining our environment. As we reflect on the remarkable events that unfolded during the 2nd edition of this project, let’s delve into the concepts that guided our endeavors.

CEO of the Fafali Organization, Senyo Sosu, had the following to share about the concept of the Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Project 2023.

“The Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Project is not just a celebration; it’s a testament to the power of community, philanthropy, and the positive change we can bring when we come together. Our mission is to instill joy, inspire dreams, and empower the next generation. The impact of this event goes beyond the smiles on the children’s faces; it resonates in the shared moments of unity and the collective efforts that make a lasting difference” he said.

Philanthropy Education Seminar: Empowering Minds and Hearts

One of the key objectives for this year’s celebration was to instill in our kids and stakeholders the spirit of philanthropy. Recognizing that we often find ourselves on the receiving end, we aimed to empower our community with the knowledge and understanding of the joy and impact of giving. Over two months, from November to December 2023, we embarked on an extensive education and sensitization campaign, fostering a culture of philanthropy among our stakeholders, which includes the children in our various programs.

President of Fafali Organization, Raymond Amezado, engaging the girls in the Dzidefo Girls Leadership Project on the concept of philanthropy and giving back to their communities

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives: Cleaning Up for a Brighter Future

The Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Party project extended beyond the day of celebration. We launched a three-month Environmental Sustainability Initiatives campaign, incorporating cleanup exercises, sustainable cooking, and community engagement. With a focus on environmental preservation, these initiatives aimed to beautify our communities and raise awareness about the importance of sustaining our surroundings. Bi-weekly cleanup exercises held every Saturday from October to December saw the active participation of our community members and sponsors alike.

In the end, we successfully organized four community cleanup exercises in the Anumle Electoral Area, uniting our community in a shared commitment to preserving our environment.

Children from our programs during our cleanup exercises in thee communities

The Christmas Party: Spreading Joy, Recognizing Achievements

On December 17th, 2023, the grand culmination of our efforts took place at the Kappa 7 Astro Turf. Over 1,000 attendees, including children from our programs and partner schools, joined us for a day filled with laughter, engaging activities, thrilling games, captivating performances, and delicious treats. The event embodied our commitment to community and philanthropy, providing gifts of books and watches for 700 children and recognizing outstanding achievements through our awards ceremony.

Participants on the day of the event taking pictures with Santa Clause

Funding & Support

Despite facing challenges and falling slightly shy of our fundraising goal, the collective support of past donors, volunteers, parents, and individual donors played a pivotal role in the success of the project. The $6,659 raised showcased the strength of our community’s commitment to uplifting its members.


Engaging teachers, past and present volunteers, and partnering with sponsors, we ensured the seamless execution of the celebration. Their contributions, alongside the community’s enthusiasm, added to the vibrancy of the event.


The Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Party doubled as an awards ceremony, recognizing deserving children across various programs. We awarded kids in all our projects; Golf & Goal, Ball & Brain Boys and Girls, Fit4Fun, Happy Art Club, Graphic Design, Basic Computing, Literacy Class, Environmental Club, Dzidefo Girls Club, Drum, Dance & Dream etc. Julienne Afi Amezado’s consecutive win as the “Fafali Personality of the Year ” highlighted her excellence in golf, academics, and extracurricular activities. This was as a result of her excellence in the year under review. 

  • She traveled to Houston in the US to play in the Mack Champ Invitational
  • Traveled to Hurghada in Egypt to feature in the Egyptian Junior Open
  • Won the Best Female Junior Golfer in West Africa at the 10th Awa Ibraheem Junior Championship
  • 1st Female Junior Golfer to play a Hole-in-One (And now among an honorary group of 11 Females to have ever played a Hole-in-One since the inception of the Achimota Golf Club in 1934
  • Won the ticket to Represent Ghana at the 2024 World Junior Championship in Scotland
  • Accumulated the best aggregate for a female student at the just ended BECE in Jerremite International School
  • Best Drummer/Footballer
Afi Amezado being presented with her award for winning the Fafali Personality of the year for the 2nd consecutive year


The stage came alive with magical performances by renowned artists like Gasmilla, Kudjoe Dave, and community acts like Mic Yorny and Cwame Guchie, enhancing the joyous atmosphere.

Special Recognition

Daily Food Limited specifically gave a generous donation of 15 boxes of Boss Baker biscuits, which contributed significantly to the success of our Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year project. 

Kasapreko Company Limited’s generous contributions significantly contributed to the event’s success. Their donation of 20 packs of bottled drinking water and 20 packs of non-alcoholic drinks was instrumental in ensuring the success of our Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year project. 

Miss Abena’s introduction and connection with Kasapreko Company Limited have been nothing short of a game-changer for us. The company’s donation of 20 packs of bottled drinking water and 20 packs of non-alcoholic drinks played a vital role in ensuring the success of our End-of-Year party. Through her thoughtful gesture of giving us bags of water, cartons of drinks, toilet papers, tissues, and all the supplies, she directly contributed to bringing joy and happiness to more than 700 children from the Anumle Electoral Area of Accra, Ghana. 

Testimonials from A Participant and an Awardee

Michael Anane, a participant from our football project shared: “The Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Project brought so much joy to our community. I’ll never forget the laughter, the games, and the feeling of unity. It’s more than just a party; it’s a celebration of hope and togetherness.”

Afi Amezado, the Fafali Personality of the Year also mentioned: “Being recognized and awarded at the Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Party meant the world to me. It motivated me to work harder and strive for excellence. Fafali Organization has truly changed my life.”

Some of the games played during the event was to complete a drawing of Santa Clause

Challenges and Gratitude

Despite encountering challenges, the Fafali Organization remains grateful for the community support. Challenges, including a lack of corporate support, emphasize the need for collaborative efforts to overcome obstacles and create lasting positive change.

In conclusion, the Fafali Dreams & Themes End-of-Year Project 2023 stands as a testament to the power of community, philanthropy, and environmental sustainability. As we continue our mission to uplift the Anumle Electoral Area community, stay tuned for more updates on initiatives dedicated to fostering positive change and unity.

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