At the heart of the Fafali Organization lies the extraordinary journey of a US Army veteran who defied the expected trajectory post-service. While many choose the comforts of life abroad, this individual, hailing from Africa, made a courageous choice—to return home against all odds. Instead of pursuing an easier life overseas, he embraced the challenge of uplifting his community. Fueled by a relentless dedication, he traded personal ease for the mission of combating poverty and discrimination in his homeland. This selfless decision to forgo personal comfort laid the foundation for Fafali, embodying the spirit of service and unrelenting commitment to effecting positive change for our community and its underserved children.

The Fafali Organization is a Social Impact Project based nongovernmental and nonprofit organization. The Fafali Organization (Fafali) operates in the Anumle Electoral Area (Urban) in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana and the Kpoviadzi Electoral Area (Rural) of Volta Region of Ghana.

We work with marginalized groups and underserved children, ages 5 to 18 years. Our foremost commitment lies with the underserved children we work with. To effectively address their needs, we strategically involve them in various activities, following a roadmap aimed at alleviating poverty in the communities we serve.

Most of our programs are After-School programs but we also have partnerships with schools in which we have various projects. We are the go-to organization for all socio-economics problems in the Anumle Electoral Area.

The populace in the communities we serve contends with issues of unemployment, low income, education, housing instability, malnutrition and living in polluted and noisy areas—all of which increase the risk for diseases.

Fafali provides the guidance and the opportunities for our children so that they can go beyond the classroom walls to solve real issues. We do this by the implementation of our various programs and by partnering with individuals and other smaller organizations. We also seek partnership with bigger organizations to help with the implementation of our programs or their programs in alignment with our mission and vision.

Fafali consists of the following programs; Education, Gender Equality, Sports, Entrepreneurship and Environment. Fafali uses sports to attract children and the youth into taking education seriously while playing the sports.

Our volunteers, teachers, coaches and mentors are made up primarily of local community members and Ghanaians, their experience in working with the target population has proven beneficial in achieving the overall purpose and objectives of this organization. Volunteers and partners are a crucial part of the Fafali Organization and we sought them locally and from all over the world.

We actively involve international volunteers in what we call the “Fafali Experience.” Hailing from various parts of the world, these individuals contribute their passion, expertise, knowledge, and resources to empower Fafali and facilitate its growth.

You are reading this page because of some reference or desire to help. We accept help in many ways and forms, be it training, experience, contacts, partnerships or simply, financial donations.   Please browse our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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