The Fafali organization is co-founded by Raymond Amezado, Rhoda Amezado and Senyo Sosu.  Fafali was founded based on the principles and ideas of the Chosen Generation and the Fafali Organization.

Chosen Generation, a nonprofit organization founded by a Ghanaian, Samira Captan-Chepoo, whose father is from Lebanon. She founded Chosen Generation to help communities in the Achimota area of Accra, Ghana. Her main focus was empowering the youth and also championing good sanitation. The Chosen Generation organization lasted from 1994 to 1999.

Fafali believes that access to quality education is a necessity and a fundamental right for every child regardless of their constraint. Hence, Fafali provides the means and access to quality education for children of underserved communities. We are committed to cultivating the optimum academic potential of each child.

I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat. Those are the words Raymond recited every morning when he first joined the US army.  “If I can volunteer to protect the American way of life and to die for America so can I dedicate my life for the betterment of Africa”-Raymond Amezado. Raymond is a US Army Veteran.

Raymond contacted Senyo and Rhoda whom he works with on other projects to come together to work on a project and that’s what gave birth to the Fafali Organization. Raymond is passionate about the development of Africa and the creation of opportunities for children. Senyo has an extensive background in teaching hence he is very passionate about the provision of quality education for children to harness the development of Africa. Rhoda who is a mother and community worker is passionate about anything that has to do with girls and gender equality.

Together the three philanthropists decided to form the Fafali Organization.

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