mission & vision



Empower the youth of Africa with education, training and character – enabling them to act upon their future and enriching their local communities and Africa as a whole.


Engage more youth each year with an education curriculum combined with sports, gender equality and character development that convinces its communities and develops trust. We will work with partners to spread these goals and adjust to local conditions so the most children can be reached. We will overcome the obstacles that discrimination, poverty, gender inequality, ignorance and illiteracy have placed on the developmental phases of a child’s growth in Africa with proof of leadership and integrity within social and cultural spheres.

Who We Are and Why We Serve

Fafali is composed of a variety of people from Africa, Europe, Britain and America, working together to make a very local, mainly education/sports facility thrive in one of the poorest sections of one of the largest cities of Africa. The work aims to develop a template for similar implementation across Ghana and Africa. Unique to Fafali is its African roots, all founders being from the same local area in Accra, and the leadership by Africans understanding the challenges of African poverty and history.

Fafali works from all sides – taking in volunteers, enabling online classes, encouraging sports participation, asking for help from the first world, teaching the mechanics of the digital economy, and, in general, keeping their students and participants active in all aspects of modern life. Fafali has a faith in the future empowerment of Africa and is sowing the seeds for that inevitability.

Fafali has engaged a township in England to donate tons of sports gear and there’s more to come. A major foundation in the US has donated funds twice for its gender equality program and more to come. The sports program has brought partnerships with other Ghanese institutions linked to the US and sports clubs in the EU and more to come. Each encounter on the road brings a greater network, more encouragement, and more participation – join us when you can!

Why do we serve? Africa is the next horizon on the world stage. Long kept in the dark and underdeveloped, Africa looks to be on a phenomenal surge. Africa has many problems, as do all countries, despite their position. The youth of today are the next generation’s populace which can be smarter, better equipped, more equitable and socially composed with a past that lends itself to greater integrity in the long run. The US and Europe are in a unique position to assist in this transition and to create a partner with a reflection of their best ideals. We serve because we want to help what will be the future become its best manifestation.

Thank you for reading!