Written By: Williane Nikobamye

My name is Williane Nikobamye, I’m from Burundi, and I’m currently a university student.
I got to be a volunteer at Fafali Organization through Fafali’s partners, where originally, I was supposed to have an internship.

On my second day of my internship visitation, I realized I had the option to volunteer instead. This time I chose to try out volunteering. Luckily the place I was accepted for my internship was partnered with Fafali, so when I asked around they informed me about Fafali.

Immediately, I was able to go and visit Fafali’s office space, and even begin with the formalities.
Getting to be a volunteer at Fafali was very quick and straightforward, and was done on the spot for me. I chose to volunteer in 3 projects under 3 program areas, which are Happy art club under the Education program, Environmental club under the Environment program, and Football (Ball & Brain) under the Sports program on Fridays. This was very convenient for me, because I still had some online courses I was taking.

During one of our art sessions with the kids from our Happy Art Club

Overall Fafali was a great and safe environment where I was able to grow and learn new things, both from the people and from the kids I was working with.
The kids of the community and the other volunteers were very friendly and each one of them were respectful towards me.

At first the office space didn’t feel too welcoming mostly because I’m very talkative and everyone is usually busy working on their task, and I didn’t have a task to begin with. However after getting to know the people and the environment more, I felt more at ease.

What personally made me feel welcomed at Fafali was when I was asked for suggestions and the same suggestions were applied immediately the next day. Fafali is an organization, but it feels like a family to me, and this is really something I wasn’t expecting. I’m very grateful to have been able to volunteer at Fafali, and not just because of the academic requirements that were fulfilled, but also for the great experience and the great people I got to meet in the organization.

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